Monday, January 24, 2011

December Psalm Sing

It's a rainy day here in Texas and I am finally sitting down to catch up on posting some psalm recordings.  First up are the recordings from December's psalm sing.  Some of the Kuiper family from Canada were in town for the December communion season, so they were able to join us for some psalm singing.  It was nice to have them with us.

We sang Psalm 5 to Stracathro.  The melody line of this tune was already familiar to most of us, but we hadn't learned the harmony before.  I think it sounds very nice with all four parts.

Then we worked on the tune Dundee.  Jeshurun and I really like this tune; the melody line is simple, but (as with St. Flavian) when sung with all four parts and with a lot of feeling, we think it is quite beautiful.  Our enthusiasm wasn't initially shared by all present, but after singing the tune together, a few at least were willing to admit that with all the parts, it wasn't so bad. :) And it is a very fitting tune for the first stanzas of Psalm 22.

As usual, you can download these recordings to your own computer here.

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