Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Five Posts, 2010

As of the sixth of this month, I have now been blogging at the "Texan Rose" address for one year.  I just had a look at my blog stats program.  Here are the top five most clicked-upon posts for 2010:

1. Psalm Recordings :)
2. My brother's thoughts on education, and a discussion
3. Free Presbyterians discuss homeschooling
4. Running in a skirt?
5. Running + skirt = frustration (or so I thought at the time)

There's a lot of disparity in the numbers on these: the #1 post got nearly five times as many hits as the #5 post.  I guess psalms and homeschooling are hot topics--the psalms especially; it would appear that a lot of people are searching for psalm recordings via internet search engines.  I am happy to see that the psalm recordings have been of interest to others as they have been to me! 

I hope to blog more regularly in the coming year.  I'm behind on posts at the moment (yes, my sister did finally have a beautiful new baby, and yes, I do still have psalm recordings from December to post) but hope to get caught up soon.  Thanks for your patience, friends. :)

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