Monday, January 3, 2011

Optimism for the New Year

Happy New Year, friends!

I love New Year's Day for the new beginning it represents.  I think the beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to look back over the past year to consider the Lord's mercies to us: "Hitherto hath the Lord helped us."  As I consider God's gracious provision in the year past, how can I not be excited and optimistic as I look forward to the year to come? 

And as always, "There's a psalm for that."  Of course, there are many psalms about the Lord's provision in times past, but I think Psalm 18, with its triumphant tone, is especially encouraging.  I love verses 6 through 19!

We sang verses 16-19 at a psalm sing a few months ago, but didn't post the recording online due to kid noise.  But on New Year's Eve as I was thinking about the psalm and listening to the recording, I thought, "You know, if we could edit out the noise at this one point, the rest of the recording is really not too bad."  So I roped Jesh into helping me doing it for me.  As the old clock on the mantel struck midnight--err, would have, if we'd remembered to wind it--we were at the computer playing with Audacity. :) 

Psalm 18 v. 16-19 to the tune St. Magnus

And from above the Lord sent down,
and took me from below;
From many waters he me drew, 
which would me overflow.

He me relieved from my strong foes,
and such as did me hate;
Because he saw that they for me
too strong were, and too great.

They me prevented in the day 
of my calamity;
But even then the Lord himself
a stay was unto me.

He to a place where liberty
and room was hath me brought;
Because he took delight in me,
he my deliv'rance wrought.

(Download the recording here)
(p.s. in case you're wondering, no, my sister still has not had her baby!!)
(p.p.s. recordings from our December psalm sing will be posted in the next day or two)


  1. "The Lord of us hath mindful been,
    and he will bless us still:
    He will the house of Isr'el bless
    bless Aaron's house he will" (Ps. 115:12)

  2. Caleb, the other night I picked up the 1998 FP Synod report and read the first mention of that group in Texas who had discovered the FP church via "The Internet." How encouraging to read through the subsequent Synod reports to follow the story of how we became a congregation! "The Lord of us hath mindful been" indeed.


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