Monday, July 26, 2010

July Psalm Sing

We only had a handful of people at Saturday afternoon's Psalm sing.  A lot of people had other obligations and weren't able to attend.  This is a busy time of year for many of us.

On the bright side, most who were able to attend can read music, so we took advantage of the opportunity to learn some tunes that we don't know as well.  Our two precentors each had a tune in mind; James suggested that we learn the tune St. Etheldreda, and Jesh suggested that we learn the long-meter tune Soldau.

So after some practice and lots of zucchini bread, we produced these two recordings.  Please remember that these tunes were new to us, and refrain from criticizing accordingly. :)

As before, if you would like to download these recordings to your own computer, they are available at the following address:


  1. All the singings are lovely, Sharon! Thank you very much for posting them on here. I tried to download them but wasn't able because when I saved the link to the computer and then clicked on it, it just took me to this page which I didn't understand and couldn't seem to be able to play the Psalm from it :-S Is there any other way I could download them? Also, am I allowed to make a request for the next Psalm Sing you have??!! If so (!) please would y'all sing Psalm 136 (or part of it) to St Lawrence?

  2. Hi Nome, sorry, the page isn't particularly clear about how to actually download the file. :) Take a look at the page for a particular psalm, let's say Psalm 113 to Ethelreda. You'll see a chart that says "audio files" and "information." On the line that says "audio files," to the right are listed two types of audio files, VBR MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. Below VBR MP3 is a blue link that says 3.6MB, and below Ogg Vorbis is a blue link that says 2.2MB. If you click on one of those blue links, it should start downloading to your computer.

    The VBR MP3 file is better quality, but if you had a bad internet connection or not much storage space on your computer, you could download the smaller Ogg Vorbis file instead. I hope that makes sense. :)

    I have been saying myself that we ought to record a psalm to St. Lawrence, as I haven't been able to find any recordings in which you can clearly hear all the parts. But I think Jesh and James have their own ideas about what we need to work on, so I can't promise anything. :)

  3. Thanks very much for explaining really clearly how to download the files! That will be a nice job for me to do tomorrow then I can make a CD to listen to all your lovely singing when I'm driving :-)

  4. I'd like a recording of St. Lawrence as well! I really like that tune.

  5. Ah well. I followed your excellent instructions but it still didn't work :-( When I clicked on the link nothing at all happened, other than at the bottom of my internet browser a little yellow triangle and exclamation mark appeared. Then when I tried right-clicking and 'save target as', it beeped and said "Internet Explorer cannot download. The system cannot find the path specified" :-( I'll just have to content myself with listening to them off your blog.

  6. Requesting Psalm 1... :D nice singing I like Soldau!


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