Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Five Posts

I've been blogging at this address for six months now. :)  I just had a look at my blog statistics.  The five posts which you, my dear readers, have found the most interesting (or, to be more precise, that you have clicked upon the most often) are as follows:

1. What Should I Wear?
2. What Should I Wear? Part 2
3. Gardening and the Environment
4. Psalms :)
5. Family Worship (and Blogging Woes)

Close runners up: Iced Tea and Bugs Eating Bugs

(In other news, the comments on all old posts have reappeared!  Thanks, Blogger, for fixing that bug.)


  1. How do you work out the statistics, Sharon? I have a blog with four followers, about a dozen people (max) who ever comment, yet 80k hits.

    I have no idea who all are reading my blog, nor even which parts they prefer.


  2. Hi Henrietta, I use Google Analytics which is free and fairly easy to set up. If I set the date range for the past six months, then go to the "content" section, I can see which posts have garnered the most hits during that time frame.

    I still have no idea who all are reading my blog (though I suspect they are mostly FP people) but I do have a rough idea of what parts of the world they come from (mostly Texas and UK), and which posts they click on most often (listed above).

    Blogging is very one-sided, though, isn't it? People who read my blog know quite a bit about me, but I know little to nothing about most of them.

  3. I completely agree with you - it is so one sided, when readers don't blog or comment. I've got to know you (and prob vice versa) via blogs, which is a positive thing.

    I got rebuked the other week (a younger woman I barely know; not an office bearer, nor even a long time friend. I was told that it was a wrong use of time to read blogs, far less write one. Grin. Let everyone be persuaded in his own mind.



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