Friday, May 14, 2010

A Favorite Place

As I've mentioned before, I spend a lot of time downtown these days, while the boys visit with their dad.  I often make my way to this little bench in Herman Park where I read, think, write, and crochet.
The shade under these trees is nice and cool, and the breeze off the water feels great.  The buildings in the background are part of the Texas Medical Center, which consists of thirteen hospitals and various medical schools, and is practically a city of its own.  I often see helicopters coming and going from the roof of the foremost hospital.

The view from my bench, another angle.  I usually see ducks and paddleboats on the water, but the day was winding down by the time I took this photo.

This is one of my latest projects.  I like to crochet with discarded plastic grocery bags.  I cut them up into strips and crochet them into sturdy purses and totes. 

Must run--I have an hour to clean house. :)


  1. Hi Sharon, I'm just wondering how you attach the separate strips together to make one long ball of 'plastic yarn'? Your bags are fantastic - remember seeing one when I was in TX last - and you would not even know they were made from old shopping bags!

  2. Hi Naomi! I cut across the bag to make loops, then knot the loops together to make one long continuous double strand. The knots don't show in the finished work.

    Here's a helpful site (pdf) about crocheting with plastic bags:

    And here's another one that gives a clearer demonstration of how to knot the loops together:


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