Monday, May 24, 2010

First Harvest

I harvested these jalapenos today.
What they lacked in size, they made up for in flavor.
I sauteed them in a little olive oil, with some onions from Froberg's, for a tasty taco garnish.

 What's next?  Maybe more jalapenos?  Or maybe one of these yellow bell peppers?

I am totally hooked on vegetable gardening now, though there are unpleasant moments, such as this morning when I dug up a fire ant nest and they swarmed my leg.  I tried to brush them off and keep working, but they kept up the attack; so finally I gave up and ran away, leaving shovel and ant-covered shoes behind me. :)  I'll try again tomorrow, armed with a pot of boiling water.

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  1. ouch!!! I couldn't do that...I would have to run away as I seem to have allergic reactions to buggie bites!!


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