Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Psalm Singing

Last Saturday, we hosted a psalm singing, the object being to improve our singing skills.  We enjoyed ourselves, and I think we learned a few things, too.  We hope to do this again, perhaps monthly; next time will be on Saturday June 5th, all being well.  Mom and Dad will be here too on a brief vacation from Israel, so be sure to come by if you're able.

Mercy already posted these on her blog, and I'm guessing that we have a lot of the same readers, so you may have already seen/heard these; but in case you haven't, here you go.  Some Texans singing psalms, with special sound effects provided by the babies and small children. :)

If you'd like to download these to your computer, they are available for download at

P. S.  It took me a few tries to get this music gadget up and running.  I've always wondered, if I publish a post, then edit it and re-publish, do those of you who follow me via Blogger or another reader end up with multiple "new post" blurbs?  If so, I apologize, since I must have edited and re-published this one half a dozen times. :)


  1. Lovely psalm singing. Who all was there? Did you grow up singing the Scottish Metrical Psalms? It's a really nice idea to get together to sing.

  2. Hi Henrietta! Let's see: we had my whole family, including spouses and children, except for Mom and Dad; Mrs. Terry Smith and all of her sons and their families, except for Jett and James; and several but not all of Rev. Lyle Smith's children (and there are overlaps within several of those categories. :) )

    I didn't grow up singing the Scottish Metrical Psalms--we didn't start singing those till I was in my teens; prior to that we sang from the Dutch (CRC?) Psalter. More recently, I attended an RPCNA church, and they use "The Book of Psalms for Singing." I like the 1650 Scottish Psalter best, though I do miss the Dutch Psalter of my childhood.


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