Monday, May 10, 2010

Gardening in Texas, Early May

My garden is coming right along.  I haven't had many bug problems, which is great because I'd like to avoid using pesticides if at all possible.  The aphids have been few, perhaps thanks to a couple of resident ladybugs.  I have seen a couple of green stink bugs, and some keeled treehoppers, but never more than one or two at a time; I flicked them off into a cup of soapy water, where they perished after a brief struggle.

I'm looking forward to lots of tasty jalapenos.

My yellow bell peppers are still pretty small.  Mom, do you think they'll be ripe by the time you get here?

My tomatoes are blossoming well, but I think it may be too hot for fruit to set at this point.  I probably should have planted them a month earlier than I did (March 1st instead of April 1st). 

They're filling out their cages nicely.

Last but not least, my Knockout rosebush is blooming beautifully.  This plant is seriously indestructible--it's still in the tiny pot it came in, which means it's quite top-heavy, and every gust of wind knocks it over.  I'll get around to repotting it eventually, really I will.

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  1. wow, what beautiful plants!! :) I so miss having a vegetable garden! Maybe someday I'll get some raised beds - but when we're still getting snow flurries in *May*, I'm not sure easy it is to garden here in Scotland! I guess potatoes and carrots are what Scots live on, so I could maybe grow them! It was just your tempting peppers & tomatoes - but you need a greenhouse to grow them here. :(


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