Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last week...

Last week, the boys and I went to a birthday party.  But first, we stopped at a thrift store.  I do most of my clothing and shoe shopping at thrift stores, primarily because thrift store shopping is the best only way to stay within my budget, but also because it's a "green" thing to do (minimizing waste).  I love how green living and tight-budget living work so well together. :)  But anyway, I was looking for sandals for Elijah, and I finally found them; it took a few months before the right pair turned up, but they only cost $1.90, so I won't complain.

While I was looking at the book section (just in case), Elijah was trying to get my attention.  "Look, Mama, this would be appropriate for you," he kept telling me.  Finally I took a look at what he was holding.

I can't bear housework?!?  Does does Elijah really think that this is appropriate for me, or is he just teasing?  I do on occasion neglect housework for more interesting things like blogging, gardening, and playing with Legos, but I didn't think that I was a complainer!  How do things appear through Elijah's eyes, though?  I will have to ponder this sometime.

After the thrift store, we went on to the birthday party.  It was Julia's birthday.  Julia is about Elijah's age, and is one of his best friends.  She's the one on the right.

Elijah was doing his best cowboy imitation.  He even had a lasso.  

It was quite nice to see all 10+ little ones playing together.  We have quite a few young children here (and more on the way!), with Elijah and Julia being the oldest of the newest generation, if that makes sense.

Well, as the photo above illustrates, Elijah is really getting into the whole Texas thing, and so am I.  But in order to be a real southerner, I need to learn how to make sweet tea.  Anyone want to share their recipe?  Does it matter what type of tea I use?  How many teabags to a gallon of water?  How much sugar?  Your help is appreciated.


  1. The way I make my iced tea is brew 3 family size tea bags (preferably Lipton) for 12 minutes. Pour into a 1 gallon pitcher and add 1 cup of sugar. Stir it up and fill up the rest with cold water.

  2. Uhh, I don't know if there's a secret to sweet tea or not.. I'm pretty sure you can use your average tea (like Lipton), about eight bags for a gallon I think. Sugar really depends on your taste -- I do 3/4 cup usually.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Have any of my readers tried making iced tea with flavored teas or herbal teas? Like a raspberry flavored tea, for instance?

  4. I use the Tetley ice tea blend (family size) and brew 3 bags for at least 10 min. We use less than a cup of sugar, and don't add as much water as some people would since we usually start drinking it right away when you put it over ice, the ice waters it down some. I never made ice tea until learning from my mother-in-law.
    I've made iced tea from raspberry leaf recently, and I like mint as well (or combining things). Just experiment, once you've got the idea you can do whatever.

  5. Raspberry leaf tea often recommended for use at the end stages of pregnancy, and I don't think you are meant to drink it if you are newly pg or hoping to be. I drank it in gallons before Joseph was born, but he was still 2 wks overdue, and weighed 12 pounds :-/ so I am not sure that it worked for me.

    I've never tried iced tea - I have too much Socttish blood.
    Henrietta x

  6. PS that is very much how I shop. We are blessed with seven thrift shops in our immediate area (ten mins walk, maximum); as well as a couple of dozen more if we take a bus ride. It does get complicated when I'm looking for basics (things like socks, or trousers for nine yr old boys *never* turn up), so I do sometimes splash out on new. But I love "charity" (as they are called here) shops - I love the "treasure hunt" idea - you really never do know what you'll find.

    Const works in a charity shop, which means she comes home with bagfuls of bargains, and sometimes some amazing designer wear, for very little.

    I have to discipline myself and remember that "it isn't a bargain if we don't need it".


  7. There's a certain French cafe/bistro (I'm REALLY craving their pasta salad right now, though it's been about a year since I've been there) that makes mango flavored iced tea, and I really, really like it. I've never personally tried making a flavored or herbal iced tea though, but I can imagine it would be good.

  8. By the way, Elijah reassured me that he was only teasing with the "I can't bear housework" sign. However, he told me this *after* he had read my post (which he found quite amusing), so he might have just been trying to make me feel better.

    Henrietta, I'm pretty sure that raspberry leaf tea is fine for any stage of pregnancy and for non-pregnant peoples as well. At least that's what I read somewhere once. :p

  9. Hi, found this "It is advisable to wait until the 32nd week of pregnancy before trying raspberry leaf tea as there is a concern that consumption before this time in the more fragile, earlier stages of pregnancy could lead to problems. " - http://www.askbaby.com/raspberry-leaf-tea.htm


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