Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Running Skirt

I've sort of come to terms with running in skirts.  I've found a couple of skirts that are comfortable and practical enough that I can go for a run without having to think much about my clothes.  (I think more about my shoes these days, but that's a subject for another post.)  One of those skirts would be the "exerskirt" I reviewed not too long ago.

I also found something else that works well, and is much less expensive.  I was at Target looking through the racks, and found a skirt very much like my "exerskirt"; it was a similar material, and even had long shorts underneath.  I thought to myself "there is no way that Target is selling a modest running skirt!"  As it turns out, it's actually a "slimming skirt" because the shorts underneath are supposed to slim you.  It works quite well as a running skirt, though.  The shorts underneath are see-through so don't contribute to modesty, but they do keep the skirt above from chafing or clinging, and they are cool.  It's quite comfortable.

Merona® Women's Fit Solutions Solid Skirt - Black L

It's longer on me than on the model--mine covers my knees.  Maybe I have short legs or something.

Only downside is, no handy-dandy little key pocket, so I have to hold my key in my hand as I run (can't tie it into my shoelaces when I don't have any--but that's a subject for another post).

I still don't think that a woman should have to wear long skirts while running--I think that a woman can run in other things without compromising her modesty and femininity--but I am now persuaded that a woman can run in skirts.  If that makes sense.


  1. I agree with your common about running in skirts. I believe it is explicit in the Scripture we are to be modest. The Lord has made us to be disctinctly feminine, it doesn't negate the fact that in our present-day society, there are feminine AND modest ladies pants. The focus is and shouldn't be on a specific name like pants but the entire idea behind what is meant to not wear things that pertain to man. Anymore than a man shaving his beard or not cutting his hair could automatically be construed as feminine!! Too much focus can be on the externals, I've been around it too long. It's definitely not to say that the externals do not matter, as they well do, since our entire body is the temple of the Lord if we truly are born again. However, a pursuit of godliness and holiness seems to be more the lack in most "Christian" circles. It is definitely easier to look around than it is to look inside ones motives and heart condition. Much prayer is needed for the family of God and those who name the Name of Christ. I'm glad to see you're keeping fit, it is such a testimony. Happy running and may you be blessed in your pursuit of holiness.

  2. I've seen orthodox ladies in Jerusalem running in skirts to the knees, with baggy bloomers underneath that go down to the ankles. With their head scarves on, they look very Yerushalmi.


  3. I stick my car key in my sports bra. It stays put quite nicely.

  4. Well, it would work, but...the perspiration...and having to fish it out... I have gotten in the habit of just carrying my keys, with a hair band looped around the key ring and around my wrist so I can't drop them. It works well enough for me for now. :)


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